Leadership Coaching

It’s critical to understand the key attributes and core competencies within your business. Strategically it helps define the value of your asset, your differentiators and therefore your competitive advantage.

From an operational perspective, it informs you of the capabilities you have available to you to build new and better products, manage costs and build meaningful relationships with partners and your customers. You need great leadership to harness, protect and develop these fundamental assets.

Leadership is not just about managing a series of tasks and deliverables; it’s profoundly more around behaviours, a way of thinking, attitudes and behaviours. A great leader is an initiator, a visionary, creative and passionate about their aspirations. They are also courageous and inspiring, doing the right things through neutering shared knowledge with humility.

Our Focus

At StratiQ, we work closely with leaders at all levels to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and with an independent, objective perspective, help hone the skills in becoming a great leader.

StratiQ founder and principal consultant Mark Aryaeenia has many years of experience in senior positions across International businesses. Mark has led initiatives in corporate strategy & restructuring, business change and organisational re-design.

He has also led many cultural change management initiatives, led multi-disciplinary functions and team members from all backgrounds. Mark has successfully helped provide support and coaching to a number of senior individuals on a 1-2-1 basis and ran team workshops for wider groups. Executive and Business leadership coaching services are available in the following areas:

Leadership Effectiveness

Identifying Core Competence

End-Game Planning

Risk and Crisis Management