Hi, I’m Mark.

I started StratiQ to focus on helping team members, leaders and their companies become more successful, whilst being mindful of a society conscious about sustainable development. I’m passionate about the concept and principal of “doing good business” and in today’s evolving global market place, I feel it is more important than ever to help people responsibly through innovation and entrepreneurship.

The company name was derived from the strapline “thinking smarter”. I wanted a brand identity representing the two key elements “Strategy” and “IQ” and as a result StratiQ was formed.

The world is changing and the dynamics of doing business is changing with it. The proliferation of data, intelligence and meaningful insights are changing the way businesses and business leaders operate. After a professional career spanning over 25 years, I’ve been fortunate to have had a very diverse and rich range of career experiences with many achievements that I’m very proud of, and I am well positioned to help others through my experience.

At StratiQ I’m focusing on three core areas of business which I am particularly passionate about; Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Risk and Leadership Coaching, and what better approach than to offer support and advice to people who need it, in areas that I really enjoy.

Mark’s Bio

Mark has 25+ years’ experience at a strategic and operational level across International businesses, delivering change across finance, supply chain, sales, marketing and information systems, focusing on business sustainability and customer value.

A dynamic and driven thought leader, Mark has led initiatives in corporate strategy & restructuring, business change and organisational re-design. Mark has also led finance and investment planning initiatives across several blue chip organisations.

Operationally he has reshaped International supply chains, services and business performance turnaround. He has also led cultural change management initiatives, corporate planning and has a very successful track record in scaling financial returns.

With extensive experience within the Business Information sector and specifically Risk, Mark also held the position as Global Business Leader for Country Risk and Director of European Strategy at Dun & Bradstreet. Until recently Mark also served as CEO to a data services and analytics company.

Mark currently holds the position as founder and Director of StratiQ Ltd, a strategy advisory business and in addition serves on the advisory board of a US based Sustainability Company.

Our Approach

It is often the case where successful, fast moving organisations on high growth trajectories find themselves in challenging circumstances when it comes to managing their scalability objectives. On the flip side, businesses with high innovation potential who have identified market needs, may find themselves failing to implement successful execution plans, narrowly missing out on significant value creation opportunities.

At StratiQ, we understand there are many reasons behind these challenges, from increased competitive pressures, changes to the external business environment, performance management, lack of access to appropriate insight, to leadership and culture.

Confidentiality is of course always a given and as a true partner, we are prepared to challenge; it’s your best interests we always have in mind. We are comfortable and experienced in dealing with clients and business partners at all levels, from executive board members to team member contributors.

We always strive to meet 3 key objectives with our service but we are also realistic and will not take on projects if we feel we can’t offer you the best specialist service you need.

Deliver exceptional Return on Investment

Build enduring relationships based on trust

Improve client's performance sustainability

Our Values

Our Values are very important to us and form the basis of our culture, our ethos and our conduct towards clients, partners, team members and stakeholders.

  • Take time to listen and understand
  • Always be honest and act with integrity
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Smile, bring happiness to yourself and others
  • Preserve client confidences
  • Prepare to challenge and be challenged
  • Maintain an independent perspective
  • Be innovative, think smart


  • “Mark and I worked together at Dun & Bradstreet as we undertook the reengineering and transformation of the European data and operations supply chain. He is a true “blue-sky” thinker, with a very strategic yet entrepreneurial approach, however he’s also extremely comfortable getting into the detail to understand, make an assessment and drive significant change. His drive, skills and experience make Mark as asset to any business challenge he undertakes.”

    Matt Smith | Global Operations & Sourcing Transformation Executive at DLX Technology

  • “Mark has tremendous entrepreneurial flair, a talented thought leader with a highly strategic mind. He is an energetic and self-motivated results leader with a passion to win and an ability to motivate and inspire teams. Mark has a wealth of experience in business transformation and has a proven ability to lead and deliver high profile initiatives. Mark would be a key asset for any business or project and comes highly recommended.”

    Corinne Saunders | Chief Executive Officer at Wolters Kluwer

  • “Mark leads his team in a way that encourages unique skills to shine through and be leveraged to their fullest and to my advantage. Mark pushed us to reconsider how we could accomplish our goals. It was his confidence and willingness to take a risk “with” us that have led to our positive progress to date. I look forward to creating new opportunities that allow us to benefit from Mark’s incredible experience, skill set and leadership.”

    Marne Curriden | Global Strategic Account Executive at Dun & Bradstreet

  • “Mark is a creative force with a very quick and strategic mind. Through his vision, leadership and drive, he turns the seemingly impossible into reality. We worked together heavily on various re-engineering initiatives he was leading across Europe with an emphasis on re-negotiating service providers. He did some tremendous work, involving a programme of reviewing and renegotiating the European Supply Chain of various multinational companies, when we were able to get cost reductions of 30% to 50% and significantly increased service provisions whilst eliminating contractual risks.”

    Ana Cristina Macedo Salgado | Partner at BPacheco Salgado Advogados

  • “Mark is one of the most capable and inspirational people I have worked for. In summary, I’d say Mark is a gifted leader who is able to balance the human/business/technical issues while maintaining a clear focus and delivering on his plans, all within challenging financial/bureaucratic frameworks. Tellingly, he puts in as many hours as he expects other people to do, cementing his impression as a man of realism and integrity. A great guy to work with/for.”

    Andy Corsham | Managing Editor at Dun & Bradstreet

  • “Mark is a strategic thought leader who brought exceptional vision to our partnership at Gavurin. He is an asset to any team and helps raise the bar through his vast expertise in data knowledge and supply chain management/strategy. His understanding of the marketplace helps create thoughtful insights with actionable goals.”

    Michele Bongiovanni | Founder, Chief Executive Officer at HealRWorld LLC

  • “Mark is one of the most inspiring and innovative leaders I’ve had the chance to work with. During his time at Dun & Bradstreet, he took responsibility for the turnaround of a unit that had long been neglected and treated as a cost centre. Thanks to his strategic vision and perseverance, the unit not only became a profitable operation but also an innovation hub for the rest of the organisation. It was a real pleasure to report into him during this time and also observe the positive impact that his leadership had on all team members involved. He will undeniably be an asset to any business he chooses to focus on.”

    Eva Karagianni-Goel | Chief of Staff at Colossus Bets

  • “Mark is a great asset to every company which requires a high-energy innovative, “out-of-the-box” thinking executive with a strategic perspective and excellent negotiation skills. He has demonstrated his extraordinary ability to collaborate across departments during our joint time at D&B and has never been afraid of the unknown and to get through change with a “can do” attitude. He always has been effectively managing and navigating the relationships with his internal clients, senior leadership as well as external constituencies and has been a truly inspiring people leader of his teams. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark to future employers.”

    David Emery | Entrepreneur and Advisor

  • “I worked with Mark at Gavurin as he worked on how to take the business forwards. Mark is a high energy manager, with a clear vision of what he wants to achieve and how to achieve it. Mark can deliver strong transformative leadership in situations requiring substantial change.”

    Mark Blayney | Business transformation, restructuring and development professional and investor

  • “I had the pleasure working with Mark when we were part of the D&B International Partnership leadership team. An experienced business strategist, Mark brought with him fresh perspective which was vital to the network strategy formulation. I found Mark to be a resourceful individual, his self-driven and commitment to quality are his hallmark! It has been a pleasure working with Mark.”

    Nicholas Tech | Chief Executive Officer at Confirms ASEAN

  • “Mark brings a great depth of experience and enormous energy to any activity he takes on. We have worked together on a number of projects – exploring new opportunities, building business plans and forging operational approaches. I am always impressed by the speed at which Mark grasps the key issues and the creativity of his thinking, which sits alongside a keen sense of the practical. For a great solution to a knotty challenge, Mark has the formula!”

    Michael Brewer | Marketing Consultant at Clerestory